A tool for doing static analysis of Python code for known vulnerabilities

Trusted Capsules

ARM TrustZone backed data privacy on remote devices


January 2018 – Present
Vancouver, BC

Graduate Research Assistant

University of British Columbia

I work on the Trusted Capsules project in the NSS Lab. Trusted Capsules provides graduated access control on remote devices.

  • Uses Linaro OP-TEE to manage fine-grained and trackable access to data on remote devices by linking the data to its access policy and encrypting them together
  • Leverage FUSE to intercept operations on encrypted files to facilitate their on-demand decryption and re-encryption using the trusted application running in the Secure World
  • Prototype written in C using a LeMaker Hikey board with ARM TrustZone and Linux 4.15.

July 2015 – July 2017
Bangalore, India

Member of Technical Staff - II

NetApp Inc.

Responsibilities include:

  • Designed and implemented RussianRiver – a tool to validate and set host multipath settings for NetApp SAN
  • Worked on Unified Host Utilities Kits for Linux and Unix – a tool for checking the health of storage on the OS when connected to NetApp storage controllers. It provides path and state information for all NetApp LUNs present on a host by issuing queries to the Host Bus Adapter API libraries.
  • Handled infrastructure orchestration and configuration management for interop QA infrastructure.
  • Designed and developed SAN Host Remediation Tool that automates the tasks to be performed on hosts when the storage migrates from NetApp 7Mode Data ONTAP to Cluster Data ONTAP. Supports all major host OS variants
July 2013 – July 2015
Bangalore, India

Member of Technical Staff - I

NetApp Inc.

Responsibilities include:

  • Created a web application for iLAB using Django to help users select test configuration and track progress
  • Wrote Python and Perl scripts and libraries to test the interoperability of new Linux host and Data ONTAP features
  • Wrote SystemTap scripts to capture additional details during regression testing – I/O latency, CPU utilization, Device Mapper - Multipath Queue Depths, etc
July 2012 – June 2013
Bangalore, India

Engineering Intern

NetApp Inc.

Responsibilities include:

  • Designed and developed iLAB – a framework that handles dynamic testbed creation, resource allocation and initialization, test execution, and testbed tear-down. Increased execution efficiency by 95%


I was the Teaching Assistant for CPSC 319: Software Engineering Project at UBC from September 2017 to April 2018. This course provides an opportunity to undergrad students to design, implement and test on a large software system for an industry sponsor. The focus in this course is to apply waterfall SDLC methodology to the solution from inception to production, producing key documentation artefacts while working in a team.

I acted as the industry sponsor liason and “engineering manager” to the teams. Over the course of the year, I overlooked two projects and managed about 40 students.

  • Managed two teams implementing a self-service tool for Uniserve clients and IT support staff.The tool allows the IT staff to manage their devices and see real time information about their network health and usage trends.

  • Supervised two student teams implementing a self-checkout and payment portal for ChainXY.